RStudio Connect red error bar

Could anyone provide insight into what may cause an RStudio Connect error message to show up like this?

Is it possible to check the logs someplace on the virtual machine that is running Connect to diagnosis this?

This is a fantastic question! And welcome to RStudio Community! If I recall correctly, this type of error generally means "something that Connect did not expect." Are you seeing this often? If you open up your browser devtools, the Console tab should have more information (or failing that, the Networking tab).

Depending on what the error is, it may be only client side and not have any errors on the server.

If you can let us know what the devtools look like, we may be able to give some more guidance!

Thanks @cole. I do not see this error often, but I did come across it again just now.
Previously the error occurred when viewing the controls for an app that crashed. For example if the app requires environment variables in order to run properly, I was trying to get into the variables section of Connect and it got into that state.

Just now when I ran into it, I was changing the sharing settings of an app (from specific users/groups to anyone without login) and it threw an error saying the app was not found. One particular JSON token error from the console is attached.