RStudio Connect Vanity URL for parameterized reports

I'm just beginning to use RStudio Connect to publish Shiny apps and R Markdown files. I have several parameterized reports that I published. I saved a report for each version but it appears I can only have one vanity url associated to the default report parameters.
Can you have a separate vanity URL for different versions of the report or you're stuck with only the default report version for a vanity URL?
Maybe this is in the admin guide somewhere and I missed it?
Thoughts appreciated!

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Vanity URLs are only associated with the default variant of a parameterized report. The variants with different parameter values are available as paths beneath that vanity URL.

For example, if my default variant has the vanity URL /stocks/, my variant with a ticker="AAPL" setting might have the URL /stocks/vuGRxy2Sp/. The variant with ticker="MSFT" might have the URL /stocks/vhTapsdut/.

The final path segment is the variant "key".

You can find this "vanity plus key" path by visiting any of your variants and then using the "Open Solo" link in the RStudio Connect dashboard.

Could you give us some examples of parameterized reports, their variants, and the URLs you would like assigned to each?

We have been talking about ways to use vanity URLs in more places. I will make sure that parameterized report variants are part of that discussion.

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Thank you Aron this will definitely work as a solution!

I think a nice to have would be assigning each report variant it's own vanity URL. Right now I have six versions of a report based on two variables. It would be nice to be able to create six vanity URLs. For instance if my report is for events in a closed status and I run a report for each variant of approval status and location, I would want vanity URLs like:

  • "/ClosedApprovedUS/"
  • "/ClosedNotAppUS/"
  • "/ClosedApprovedOUS/"
  • "/ClosedNotAppOUS/"
  • "/ClosedApprovedMix/"
  • "/ClosedNotAppMix/"

This also solidifies to a user having to select the URL or given a URL, which report version you're looking at.

As I said, the solution you provided will work, I missed the "Open Solo" in the console and documentation so I appreciate you taking the time to share this option. The individual vanity URL's are very much a nice to have. Thank you!

Thanks for the examples, Heather.

Are those example URLs full paths or sub-paths beneath the primary report URL?

Here's an example of a specific report variant beneath the primary report URL, giving you a hierarchy:

Here's an example of that same report variant being a top-level path. This is useful when you want to expose a specific configuration without giving details about other, related variants:

I can see both being useful; trying to understand what applies to your case.

Hi Aron,

Those were examples of the URLs full path so,
The first variation would work as well because I wouldn't be concerned with exposing the higher level, although if was tied to the default report and someone did end up there by accident it may be confusing. I can see the benefits of both, I do prefer the option of words instead of the alphanumeric bit that's added with the reports as I have to do them now. I still see this as a nice to have, we can definitely get along without it. Thanks, happy to help if you have more questions!

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