Rstudio crashes when I open a project

My Rstudio crashes when I open a specific project (not occur with other projects).
At the beginning it's says it is going to take some time, suggesting either wait or terminate R.
Then shows :" The R session had a fatal error.Unexpected exception :std:bad_alloc".

I removed some files, now the project opens and shows:
WARNING: Failed to restore workspace from 'Z:/......./.RData'
Reason: memory exhausted (limit reached?)

My environment is :
Windows 7
R 3.5.0 64 bit
RStudio 1.1.453
Also, I have big files in my folder.

What should I do?
Thank you!

Try deleting your .Rdata file, this is going to drop your previous environment

thank you for your reply, there is no .Rdata file in this folder.

Rstudio is going to try to restore. Rdata if it is present in the working directory configured for that project. Are you sure that you are looking for .Rdata in the right directory?

yes.... dont see such a file

Have you tried disabling this option in global options?

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