Rstudio crashes while saving

Please help me fix this. I am not able to save anything, Rstudio simply crashes and closes everytime I try saving.

Hi there,
I assume you are trying to save an edited script file (something.R) to disk.

If you are using a Dell machine this link might be relevant:

Here are several things you can also try that might fix this problem:

  1. Try a different destination.

  2. Check you are using the latest versions of both R and RStudio suitable for your system (32-bit or 64-bit).

  3. Try running RStudio with elevated privileges e.g. "Run as Administrator" on Windows, or SUDO..... on Unix-like.

  4. Check whether you have write access to the drive where you are trying to save, and that there is sufficient space on the disk.

  5. Check whether your antivirus (security) software is blocking RStudio access.

If this is not successful you will need to post details of your operating system which can be obtained by running this command in the terminal window:


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