RStudio Desktop can't find R installation...

Really simple. I am not new to R, but somewhat to RStudio. On my Windows machines, installation, no muss, no fuss. On my Linux bnoxes? Not so much. Here is one example of a common proglem -- install R 4.2.1 on my RHEL 8 machine. Is installed to

     R: /usr/lib64/R /opt/R/4.2.1/bin/R

Fire up bash shell, start R - no problems at all.

Installed latest .rpm of RStudio. No errors. But, when I try to start RStudio, I get the following message, that I interpret as indicating that RStudio can't find R (which seems sort of silly):

Path to R not specified, and no module binary specified; invalid R module ()

Since the IDE doesn't start at all after this message, I can't change any option from there.

So, I tried

conda deactivate  
RSTUDIO_WHICH_R=$(which R)                                                                                                                                                            

This gets RStudio IDE to start, but - do I really need to run this code every time to get RStudio to start? Isn't there a simple way to get RStudio to 'find R'? Or, if I can get RStudio to start, is there some setting in the IDE I can tweak so that RStudio correctly finds R?

Thanks in advance...I'm sure this is an easy-to-solve issue.

Simple brute-force solution -- throw symbolic link to R binary in /usr/local/bin. RStudio IDE starts fine.

But, I'm puzzled as to why RStudio couldn't find R in the first place? I know there is a sequence of directories where it 'looks' for R -- is there a .conf file somewhere for RStudio that I can edit to force it to look in a specific directory? I'm not a big fan of clogging up /usr/local/bin (or anything else) with symbolic points to binaries).

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