RStudio Desktop slow / lagging when connected to intranet

Hi there,

I recently upgraded R to version 3.6.2 and RStudio to version 1.2.5033 and now any keyboard input in either the console or source window has a lag of up to a couple of seconds, but only when my computer is connected to our work intranet. This did not happen on the previous version of RStudio (I don't recall the version number, but I last updated it in Jan 2019).

Some additional info:

  • I am using a RStudio project.
  • I am not using version control (although the lag symptoms are the same for a different project that does use intranet Bitbucket version control).
  • The source file and library folder are both on my laptop (not network drives).
  • There is no lag at all when I use R by itself (i.e. without RStudio), regardless of what networks I'm connected to.
  • The lag symptoms don't appear immediately on connecting to the intranet, nor do they disappear immediately after disconnecting from it; it takes around 10 seconds to change.
  • There is no lag when connected to the internet but not to the work intranet.
  • I have already switched off the "Restore last cursor position when opening file" option, but it has no effect.

What should I look at next?



You could take a step forward by discarding if your issue is already solved on the preview version.

Also, filing a GitHub issue or contributing to one if already opened could help to get attention from the right people.

Thanks andresrcs. I've installed the RStudio preview version (1.2.5036) and the lag issues are unchanged: lag only when connected to the intranet; no lag otherwise or when using R directly.

I've just installed the current daily RStudio build (1.3.713) and so far this seems to have resolved the issue. I'll update this again if it starts lagging again.

The lag is still there for the daily version, but with some small differences. I've raised an issue on RStudio Github:

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