Rstudio doesn't work on iPad used as second display (sidecar)

Hi there,

When I use my iPad as second display on Mac OS X 12.3.1 using the OS integrated sidecar feature, Rstudio doesn't work when I move it to the second screen (iPad). I can access the menu but it's not possible to edit text in any source file. Also moving just one source window to the second display (iPad) shows the same behavior. Any other application works fine on the second screen. It seems to be a Rstudio specific issue (windows handling?). Does anybody experience the same problem or know how to solve it?

Thanks, Martin

I've been having this same problem since the sidecar feature came out. its like the RStudio window doesn't render the text cursor. when i type something in a text field when it's on the sidecar iPad display, it doesn't show, but then when i drag it back to my mac display the text is there.

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