Rstudio for Lubuntu, which download

Hi, I would like to install Rstudio (to train a bit while traveling) on a netbook with lubuntu 17.10.
I read online that it should be possible using the ubuntu installations. But neither the 64 nor the 32bit version is installing. Error (in german): Abhängigkeit nicht erfüllbar: libgstreamer0.10-0
Does someone know if it should be possbile easily to run Rstudio on lubuntu 17.10 (I don´t want to loose much more time if it is not possible). Thank you

You might have better luck with the preview release -- can you give that an install?

It is a 32Bit system, so the newer versions don´t work. Anyways, the newst version of R I was able to install on the system was 3.4. Which is already to old for many packeges. Its not worthy. The installation and finding old compatible packeges take too much time.

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