RStudio - Git Connection Can not Change Path for RSA-Key - Special Characters in Usernames (Windows)


I am running Rstudio in the newest version (1.4.1717), the newest version of R (4.1.1), and Git (2.33.0) under windows 10.
Problem Description
I want to connect RStudio with GitHub to continue work on small utility package I wrote.
However, under "Global Options/Git/SVN/SSH RSA Key" I am unable to create a RSA-Key.
My guess is that this is due to special characters 'ö' in my user name (which I cant at my university pc).
I am unable to change the path were the RSA Key is supposed to be created (see Screenshot below)
Unable to create RSA key

The error I get just say "Access denied" (in German which also bugs me, as I setup everything in english):
RSA Accessdenied

Is there another way to setup the RSA key in Rstudio? Can one just change the default location of RSA keys to be stored (maybe over some kind like .rs.settings. function?

Just as a note: special characters in username / paths seem to be a general problem, e.g. for addins aswell. If I could I would be more than happy to avoid special characters, however there are times when one is forced to use a setup as it is handed to you

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