RStudio Hanging / Lagging / Slow

I've been using RStudio at work for a while now, but I recently switched computers. The new computer has Windows 10 (old one had Windows 7), and ever since I have switched, I have not been able to effectively use RStudio. R and RStudio (most recent versions) are not installed on the corporate network, but the project I am working in is. RStudio worked fine on my old machine even when working in projects on the corporate network.

When I submit a command (very simple code!), the first line appears in the console without the plus or the red stop icon, and the console hangs for at least a minute before finally running. This happens even when running view(data).

I've done a lot of google searches and read a lot of posts on here about similar issues, but nothing has helped. I've added Rterm.exe, rsession.exe, and rstudio.exe as exclusions on my computer's antivirus software, but this did not fix the issue. I work in R a lot for work, and RStudio is virtually unusable as it is now. Any suggestions?

Edit: Also having trouble saving at times.

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You might have better luck with the preview release.

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