RStudio Instructor Training Workshop - rstudio::conf 2020

RStudio Instructor Training Workshop

January 28, 2020
9:00 AM-5:00 PM
1 Day Workshop

Greg Wilson
Data Scientist & Professional Educator

This one-day workshop is the first step toward becoming a certified RStudio trainer.

RStudio’s instructor training and certification program helps people apply modern evidence-based teaching practices to teach data science using R and RStudio’s products, and helps people who need such training find the trainers they need. Candidates must be proficient in the technical skills and tools they wish to teach

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Hi there! Thank you so much for putting on this workshop. I'm signed up to attend, and long-term I'd love to become certified. I see this post on the program. And of course I'll bring a laptop and charger, show up on time, etc. But do I need to do anything else to prepare?

Lastly, the testing is done at a later date, correct? Not something I need to take Tuesday I hope. :wink: I'll want to study up!