Rstudio is invisible and runs only as background process

I am using [RStudio v2021.09.0+351] on Windows 11. The check for update reports that the version is up to date, which it obviously is not.

When I deinstall this version and install the latest version, Installing RStudio-2022.07.1-554 (or RStudio-2022.02.3-492) Rstudio starts as an invisible background process (together with rsession). The only thing I can do is end the process. And reinstall the 2021.09.0 version again.
I have tried all kinds of things, including and RStudio window behaves as if it is invisible
Nothing helps.

In mine RStudio it always says its up-to-date as well. I never understood that.

I think that happened with the switch to calendar-based versioning.

Finally solved! I still don't know the cause. I dismantled my .Rprofile file and the newer 2022 release did start (and was visible). Maybe also interaction with newer R 4.2.1, because after updating to that version I can now use my old .Rprofile and Rstudui still works. Perhaps this can help others.

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