rstudio is not working from browser -- Unable to initialize JIT

I installed R 4.0.3 using tar.gz and installed rstudio server. They worked fine for months.
Recently, I upgraded R from 4.0.3 to 4.1 from source file using same tar.gz file.

Now, when I try to connect rstudio from browser... I see the error like,

*** Could not connect to R session on RStudio Server
Error occurred during transmission(6)****

and on terminal when I verify rstudio Installation
unable to initialize the JIT
01 Jul 2021 17:23:43 [rsession-rstudio-server] ERROR R SUICIDE: unable to initialize the JIT
; LOGGED FROM: void {anonymous}::rSuicide(const string&) src/cpp/session/SessionMain.cpp:1171

I renamed the ~/.local/share/rstudio and ~/.config/rstudio folders. But, no luck.

Am I missing something here. Please help me to fix this. Thank you in advance

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