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I am running RStudio 1.1.453 on Ubuntu 18.04LTS and am having difficulty resizing the font size of the menu bar (i.e., the bar with the File, Edit, Code, etc., drop downs). I have tried changing the font size and scaling in the Appearance section of the Global Options menu, as well as Ctrl++, but these options seem to control everything but the size of the menu text. I have attached a screen shot.



I am curious if others have better suggestions, but I think Ctrl+"+" is the way to increase the font size of these menu options.

Then, you can further adjust the font of code window, console, terminal, environment, and history panels via Tools >> Global Options >> Appearance >> Editor font size.

Presumably you'd up the everything with Ctrl+"+" and then decrease the size of the font size in appearance.


Thanks for the suggestion, but the problem seems to be that the menu bar text (and the text size of windows that pop up (e.g., if I want to create a new folder or 'save as') is invariant to Ctrl + '+' and any settings in Tools >> Global Options >> Appearance >> Editor font size.

Is there somewhere else, say a separate config file, where I should look for an option?


Isn't the size of that top menu bar determined by your OS?


Ah yes, you're correct. For some reason, the font size was shrinking to an unusable size when the system font scaling was set to anything but 1.0. Changing the global font size and setting the scaling to 1 seems to resolve the issue.


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