RStudio No Longer Working

I just installed the latest version of RStudio for a class( RStudio Desktop 1.3.1073) And now it is showing a blank screen/base package not working. Before I had it up and running but had weird error of packages not loading or metadata not showing so I thought I would reinstall. Now I'm stuck and can't do my lab.

What operating system are you using?

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A good place to start is RStudio's trouble shooting guide. I'm not totally sure I follow the description of the issue, but I suspect the guide marked "RStudio desktop will not start".

Failing this advice, knowing a bit more about your system would be helpful

[details="System information"]

Upload a diagnostics report and the output from the associated terminal session to a service like Gist and include the link.

Error information

  • General description
  • The output of RStudio.Version()
  • Error messages
  • Log files (See here)
  • Crash Report (See here)
  • Attempted steps taken to fix
  • Have you successfully launched RStudio in the past?[/details]

That being said, I've seen the following two support docs cited as solutions to that blank white screen issue on RStudio Desktop start up.

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