Rstudio not opens

I just bought a new Macbook, and installed R and Rstudio. What I did was first I installed R, and then Rstudio.

After I installed two programs, and open Rstudio expecting that I would see 4 different windows like normal, but there's nothing. It simply just one blank Rstudio window.

What is going on here? Does it mean my Rstudio cannot find R?
How can I fix this?



can you go to preferences, and then Pane Layout? try toggling ctrl+1 & ctrl+2 to trigger your other panes

After I installed my Rstudio, it appears like this. I tried what you suggested. It did not really respond!

I wonder whether it is a problem with the new Macbook pro. There's a request to update it, and I will try it out today too.

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