Rstudio preview version 1.3.869 when creating new script/ Rnotebook


When i create a new file, either script or Rnotebook; selection of lines with the mouse is not possible anymore, saving but only minorly...
This issue only occurs in new files, and persists in the session, even if I close the file, and then reopen, then it works for maybe one selection and then the same weird behaviour is observed.
MY system is a WIN10 machine, R 3.6.2, x64

Would you by any chance be able to share a screen recording of the behavior you're seeing? Are you still able to click on the editor to re-position the cursor, or does that fail as well? (Trying to understand if it's specifically clicking and dragging to select lines, versus clicking to focus anywhere.)

Hi Kevin!

It is specifically clicking and dragging to select lines. I can still click to reposition the cursor.
Sorry, I'm not able to do a screen record on the used pc.
Thanks a lot,


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