Rstudio server preview jobs


I am trying out the new rstudio server preview from
in particular I am playing with the new feature of running R scripts as
background jobs using the job tab.
However, when I run a job it completes but then when it then tries to export
the job results to the global environment I get:

Error in save(list = ls(envir = sourceEnv, all.names = TRUE), file = exportRdata,  : 
  error writing to connection
Calls: sourceWithProgress -> save
Execution halted
Error loading results: r error 4 (R code execution error)

The same feature works fine on the usual rstudio, so I suspect it is an issue with writing permissions. Any idea what might cause this?


Can you also tell us what operating system you're running with, and the R version, just in case it's relevant?

Does it happen with all scripts you attempt to run, or just certain ones? For posterity, can you provide us with one so we can try to reproduce on our end?

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