RStudio Server: R is taking longer to start than usual (...and then nothing happens)

Dear all,

I'm having trouble getting my RStudio Server up and running, I'm almost there, but I keep getting stuck with the message R is taking longer to start then usual (See below)

My logon procedure is as follows:

Open a new terminal
Enter USER/PASS and 2FA pass
qsub interactive session
module load VARIOUS NEEDED
module load rstudio-server/1.3.1073
rstudio-server start &

Open a new terminal
From the above interactive session, get the assigned node, e.g. SERVERNAME
Enter USER/PASS and 2FA pass
Open a new browser window
Go to http://localhost:8787/
Enter user/pass

However, I never get to enter user/pass for RStudio server, but get stuck at the below and clicking any of the buttons makes no difference


Any hints on why I cannot seem to start R would be HIGHLY appreciated!

Hi @rstub - I saw you answering other RStudio server questions, so I I'm daring a bit of cheekiness here by ping'ing you :upside_down_face:

This is a rather unusual set-up. Who has designed it? Does it work for other people? Is R on the PATH before you start rstudio-server? Are there any error messages in the log files?

It runs on an HPC cluster and yes R is available in the PATH after loading modules. It was designed på the linux sysadmins at the HPC-facility to ensure billing-capability of the processes. Hence, the interactive session on an assigned, which is then subsequently logged into. I know they did a workaround to ensure that rstudio-server is not running as root.

I don't have access to any sys-file, but I'm trying to schedule a meeting with the sysadmin, so I'm basically looking for pointers :+1:

It is difficult to give concrete tips in such a non-standard environment. You could try to run RStudio Server in a non-daemon mode via

/usr/lib/rstudio-server/bin/rserver --server-daemonize 0

and see if that produces any (interesting) output as you try to log in.

Understandable - Thanks for the pointer!

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