RStudio terminal gets stuck after running a command

Hello, we experience a strange problem the last couple of weeks in the windows version of RStudio where suddenly even the simplest commands (like a=2 ) would get stuck for over a minute before finishing.
The issue would remain even after the cleaning the enviroment each time or after closing and opening RStudio again.
The only way for the issue to resolved was to delete the contents inside the Appdata/Local/RStudio folder in windows.At first we deleted everything but after an investigation we did it seems that the issue specifically comes from the /AppData/Local/RStudio/sources folder.
Inside there RStudio creates some temporary folders for each session an keeps inside any open R scripts you have.
It seems that deleting specifically these folders resolves the issue
Having a session without opening any of the R scripts that we use and just using the terminal also doesn't replicate the issue.
I hope this helps a bit narrowing down what the actual issue is.

I know that I mentioned that we have a workaround for fixing this but this is not a proper solution so we would like to know if there's anything we can do to permanently fix this or if this is a known issue and a hotfix is being sceduled for a next release of RStudio.

RStudio version is 1.4.1103 and R version is 4.0.5
and Windows version is Windows Server 2012 that multiple users are connected and use RStudio each day.

Please let me know if there is any additional info I can provide, thanks in advance.

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