Rstudio Umask issue

We are using Rstudio/Rserver free version on RHEL 7.5
Our server umask is set to 002 for all users.
When writing files from Rstudio, the umask is set to 022. We would like it to be set to 002 (group read/write). I've set the "set-server-umask=0" option in the rserver.conf file and restarted R however that has no effect. When invoking R from the server (RHEL 7.5) the umask is correct; when using the terminal from within RStudio, the umask is correct. It is only when using the console from Rstudio that the umask is not correct. We've tried adding the umask option to our bashrc/bash_profile, we've tried setting the umask from within the RStudio console yet nothing is working.

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