RStudio v1.3.776-2 without diacritic marks

In the newest RStudio ver. 1.3.776 (Win 10 x64 ver.) I loose diacritic marks. When I type ALT+S my files are saved which is wrong. I should have got a diacritic mark in my language.
Does anybody encounter similar problem?

To confirm, are you saying that this works as expected in RStudio v1.2.5033 (the current release), but does not work in the RStudio v1.3 daily builds?

What keyboard layout are you using?

Thank you for interest.
I confirm. Keyboard doesn't matter because the same effect is on my laptop (Surface Pro 6) and PC (Logitech MX Keys, MS Surface Keyboard). But it's interesting that if I choose from menu Modify Keyboard Shortcuts I can type with diacritic marks.

Thank you for following up. Would you mind filing this as a bug report at

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