RStudio website screen reader accessibility

I have a blind student who will be using R with me in the fall, and we wanted to try out the Desktop version of RStudio for screen-reader support. (I know that the support is just experimental for now.)

But, the webpage to download RStudio is just abysmal in terms of screen reader support. The main part of the page (to me) is the table of options, that starts Desktop, Desktop Pro, Server, Workbench. It was impossible to get a screen reader to land on the "download" buttons below those headings. Finally we were able to get down to where the recommended version of RStudio Desktop is linked, and the button doesn't have a label that a screen reader can access.

Overall, it seemed like the website wasn't making great use of document hierarchy (h1, h2, etc). Of course, the tool needs to be accessible before having the website accessible is crucial, but this seems like really low-hanging fruit.

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Hi, thanks for reporting this, and I apologize for the current state of this page. I have opened an issue, and will be taking a look to see what can be done in the short term (as well as looking to improve the site in general with regards to accessibility).

I saw your message about RStudio itself and will be responding shortly.

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