RStudioServer Connect

I installed RStudio Server on Centos 7 and I have two questions:
Why is it not possible to login with the default user but any user I add with useradd ?

How can I access my home directory?

If I could clarify both things this would be awesome! Thanks

I believe RStudio Server requires users to have their own directory in /home/. Upon initial login, RStudio Server generates the R/ folder in that path to store installed libraries. It may also create other necessary files to run.

I think what you mean by the default user is the default runAs user of rstudio-connect. If you check the /etc/passwd file for this user, I don’t think it’s a loginable user. If you can not login, you don’t have the /home/ path and the necessary files aren’t created. To login as rstudio-connect, you would have to modify passwd to allow logins.

You are right, my /etc/passwd does not contain my user thomas.bishop. But why am I able to login on the server via ssh ? I think the user is connected to something like an LDAP system. I tried Jupyerhub as a server and it can recognise the user. How can I configure RStudio-Server to recognise the user ? There is a /home/thomas.bishop/ directory.
Thanks for your help!

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