"Run All Chunks Above" buttons have stopped working - FIXED (but probably a bug)

Hi. I am in the middle of a project using notebooks (workflowr package) on RStudio IDE preview 1.3.820

Everything was fine for days, then 10 minutes ago the "Run All Chunks Above" buttons stopped working in one of the notebooks. They continue to work fine in the other notebooks. The "Run Current Chunk" buttons continue to work fine.

The non-responsive buttons render correctly, the tooltip displays correctly and they highlight when hovered over, but nothing happens when the button is clicked.

I just discovered that the problem was caused by the ending bacticks of the last code chunk being accidentally deleted - so the last chunk was unterminated.

That was easily fixed, but I think that's a bug for a malformed chunk to break the UI.

I agree with this (and I have experienced also), I think at least it should break more gracefully, with an informative error message maybe?

@rblum I hope you don't mind I tag you, but can you give us your thoughts about this?

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@andresrcs I don't mind at all! Even if my only contribution is reproducing the issue, which I did on both RStudio Desktop and Server. It also looks like if you add another complete chunk under the missing one backticks and then do "Run All Chunks Above," the chunks will run—except for the last one—while background highlighting will be confused (see below). I filed an issue for this: https://github.com/rstudio/rstudio/issues/6348

@andresrcs and @ross_gayler If you have anything you want to indicate, or if I'm missing anything, please update the ticket. Thanks


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