Running RM.weights Pakage

I tried to run my Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES) data in RM.weights pakage. I address all the variable but cannot run the function 'RM.w'.
Thanks in advance.

What error do you get exactly ?

I need that rr.trial1 value

That image is difficult to read... but I would think that the parts you would want us to read would be text.

Therefore, please copy and paste here..
you can use triple backticks to format such code to appear nicer , like so

sharing the code here

Unfortunately my laptop is not connected with internet. So I upload more zoomed image for better understanding.

Well the errors are explicit.
So and so not found means you are asking r to compute on names of objects it has no sight of.
How did you decide to use wt.fies ?

Rm.weights pakage contain a sample data sheet named 'data.FAO_country2013'. in further analysis they use terms like XX.country1 for values of 1 to 8th variables and for the values of wt variable in the data sheet.
According to them, as my data sheet named 'fiestest' So I use the term XX.trial1 and wt.trial1.
Wt.fies was wrong entry and I edited it in next line. But nonetheless, pogram did not run. (Please see the last 6 sentences)
I need to generate rr.trial1 which can be possible if my RM.w function works properly.
So please tell me how to run RM.w function properly.

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