Running RStudio Cloud for 10-15 students?

Hello! I'm preparing a lesson for perhaps as many as 10-15 people, and was hoping to use RStudio Cloud instead of getting IT to install RStudio on everyone's computers. With that many people, do I need to worry about hitting usage limits or concurrency limits?

No, you don't need to worry about concurrency limit. Each student will have their own account, so they will have personal RStudio Cloud all for themselves.

Only thing you need to keep in mind - there is 1 GB RAM cap, so if you are going to do something slightly heavy, it won't work. So it is best to go over everything you are going to do beforehand just to make sure.

Finally, what you can do to make onboarding even more smooth is to prepare base project that students will start from. This way they won't need to install dependencies and just R straight away.

Great! The file I'm working with is about 15 MB, so hopefully not too burdensome! I've also set up a project with tidyverse, scales, and a few other packages preloaded, so hopefully that works out — I'm testing everything now.

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