rvest can't open connection

Hey all.

I want to do a small scraping project.
The core idea is to have a big dataset with 3 coloumns:
a from currency ($$), a to currency (€€) and a ratio.

The point is that each row will be a different combo of currencies and at the end i'll have all the rates available.

My problem:

  1. when running a loop (both for loop and map) I get this error:
    "Error in open.connection(x, "rb") : HTTP error 404."
  2. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, map is able to scrape data, but then the code is wrong and i literaly copied my own code that worked fine on a different issue:
amount from  to    ratio
    <dbl> <chr> <chr> <dbl>
 1     10 uyu   uyu   0.984
 2     10 iqd   uyu   0.984
 3     10 btn   uyu   0.984
 4     10 tzs   uyu   0.984
 5     10 awg   uyu   0.984
 6     10 uyu   iqd   0.984
 7     10 iqd   iqd   0.984

100% reproducible code:


# this is the function to convert currencies.

currency_converter <- function(amount=1,
  # Start by assigning the special HTML node:
  # Define web link with shortened variable names:
  web_link <- paste0("https://wise.com/gb/currency-converter/",f,"-to-",t,"-rate")
  # Extract table:
  current_value <- rvest::read_html(web_link) %>% 
    rvest::html_nodes(node) %>%
  current_value <- str_split(current_value,pattern = " ")[[1]] %>%
  # Return the corect amount:
  #cat("Source: http://www.wise.com\n")

# this is how i get all the abbriviations for currencies

website <- "https://www.easymarkets.com/eu/learn-centre/discover-trading/currency-acronyms-and-abbreviations/"
country.node <- "td:nth-child(1)"
currency.node <- "td+ td"

country <- rvest::read_html(website) %>% 
  rvest::html_nodes(country.node) %>%

currency <- rvest::read_html(website) %>% 
  rvest::html_nodes(currency.node) %>%

countries_currency <- tibble(country,currency)
# just minor cleaning
countries_currency <- countries_currency[-which(str_detect(countries_currency$currency,"EURO")),]


# train data before i go big time
train <- sample_n(countries_currency,5)

# the idea is to have for each currency all other currencies,
# and then apply my function and get the ratio
# filtering ratio != 0 (since it is the same currency)
# and then get a big table with all currencies for all other currencies
# this should be a huge table (nrow() ^2)

trainloop <- tibble(amount=10,from=str_to_lower(rep(train$currency,5)),

trainloop %>% 
# does not seem to work


keep <- c()  
for(i in 1:nrow(trainloop)){
  for(to_ in trainloop$to){
    for(from_ in trainloop$from){
      keep[i] <- currency_converter(1,from=from_,to=to_)

currency_converter(from=from_,to=to_) #error
currency_converter() #not error
currency_converter(amount = 100,from = "eur",to = "jpy") #not error

Maybe you need use Selenium. For avoid error 404.

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