S4 objects, generics and methods don't appear in file TOC window

Consider the following small hunk of code using S4 objects.

afun <- function() {}

Obj <- setObject("Obj",slots(val=numeric))

setGeneric("getVal", function(o) standardGeneric("getVal"))

setGeneric("getVal<-", function(o,value) standardGeneric("getVal<-"))

setMethod("getVal","Obj", function(o) o@val)

setMethod("getVal<-", "Obj", function(o,value) {
  o@val <- as.numeric(value)

incVal <- function (o, inc) {
  getVal(o) <- getVal(o) + inc

If I open this in a window in R Studio, and press the TOC button (next to the source button), I only see afun and incVal listsed. I don't see Obj, getVal, getVal<- or any of the methods. It would be nice if I could see methods, generics and objects and not just the regular functions.