Saving the work space in RStudio and re-open it in an other computer.

Hello and sorry if my question is broad.

I am running RStudio in my laptop. I am saving the workspace using the save.image command. I want to send the .RData file to some one else's laptop. My question is: Will that person be able to open the file and see/run the commands which are stored in the .RData file, without me having to send additional files? By additional files I mean some raster images that I have used.

By loading your .Rdata file, one will be able to load in its workspace all the objects you have saved. This file does not contains any command - so no one will see the command you ran to create the object.

One great way for sharing is working with Rmarkdown. See about and the Notebook format

The notebook format allows anyone to download a Rmd file from your html file.
It is a great companion to some data sent with a RData file.

Also, consider to share project. You cold share the same rstudio session with anyone, with data and scripts

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Thank you! I didnt know about these things. They seem pretty useful and specially this cloud.

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