scatter plot for two variables (columns in dataframe) with two colors

I have a data frame that has two columns named celltype1 and celltype2. I would like to make a scatterplot for the data frame in which the x-axis is celltype1 and the y-axis is celltype2. The desired plot is that celltype1 has a specific color and celltype2 has another color. How can I assign a color to each of them? because right now with the below code all points in the scatter plots are black and I cant recognize the groups.
please see the attached images (data frame and the output ).

plot1 = ggplot(N, aes(x = group1, y = group2, ???? ))+

You have to realize that a point in a plane requires (x, y) coordinates to be represented, you are mapping those (x, y) coordinates to be celltype1 and celltype2 respectively so each celltype is not a point on itself but an axis coordinate, there is no logical way to assign a color as you are requesting.

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Check this link for understand the organization data.

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