Sending HTML Table from daff package using blastula

I would like to display the difference between 2 dataframes (diff using 'daff' package) and render the HTML to be sent in an email through the SMTP client in 'blastula'


library (daff)
library (blastula)

A <- data.frame(

B <- data.frame(

DiffHTML <- render_diff(diff_data (A , B, show_unchanged = TRUE, show_unchanged_columns = TRUE,
                           title = "Diff: A vs B ")

Recipientlist <- c("*****@******")

body_mail <- compose_email(md(DiffHTML))

smtp_send( body_mail ,
           from = "*******",
           to = Recipientlist,
           subject = "TestMail",
           credentials = creds_key("********"))

In RStudio I get a nicely formatted table but,

When I receive the email (in outlook, the table gets messed up and there is some HTML code in the body):

===================> received message

I suspect there are some tags created by daff / blastula that are not standard and not tolerated by Outlook.. I have been battling with this for a few weeks now, and would be grateful for any lead or suggestion.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

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