Separating data into multiple columns from one column in R

I have a single column in a dataframe in R which has few values such as below:

2 1 NDUyMg== Mon Jul 01 10:18:13 2019
2 1 NDUyMg== Tue Jul 02 11:34:16 2019

How do i separate them into multiple columns so that the output is something like below:

ID1 ID2 License Day Date Time
2 1 NDUyMg== Mon 01-Jul-2019 10:18:13
2 1 NDUyMg== Tue 02-Jul-2019 11:34:16

The easiest way is to split the column first using separate() and " " as separator and then combine the date back with mutate().


df = data.frame("Col1" = c("2 1 NDUyMg== Mon Jul 01 10:18:13 2019",
                           "2 1 NDUyMg== Tue Jul 02 11:34:16 2019"))
df_sorted = df %>% 
 separate(Col1, into = c("ID1", "ID2", "License",
                         "Day", "mon", "date_day",
                         "Time", "year"),
          sep =" ") %>% 
  mutate(Date = paste(date_day, mon, year, sep="-"))  %>% 
  select(ID1, ID2, License, Date, Time)

ID1 ID2  License        Date     Time
1   2   1 NDUyMg== 01-Jul-2019 10:18:13
2   2   1 NDUyMg== 02-Jul-2019 11:34:16

I'd also recommend following this up with a converting the date and/time to a date format using the lubridate package

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