Server code not being rendered in shiny app

Hello, i have been working on a shiny app for a few days now and everything was running fine. However now all of a sudden, the app is rendering but none of the interactive elements from the server code are working.

In this image, the sidebarPlot is not rendering now. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

My first thought is that you should restart your R session ? It's quite common for an environment to get messed up. Starting from a blank R session can often resolve seemingly random issues.

other than that (if the problematic behaviour is systematic) , it seems unlikely we can support you without a reprex, which I appreciate might be harder for you to make given its shiny.

Thank you. Turned out to be an error on my part. I had given two widgets the same output ID and that seemed to be stopping the full server to become unresponsive.

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