Shiny app for hospital EMR

...can shiny app be used for making electronic medical data Records for hospital


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The theoretical answer is yes, but Shiny apps in a hospital setting are usually used in a research setting where a specific dashboard or analysis is built on top of and existing EMR.

Building a full, real EMR from scratch is a near impossible using R and Shiny given the complexity of an EMR and the huge data security requirements and multi-user interaction.

I don't know why you are asking this, but you can elaborate if you have additional questions. There are some open source EMR (EHR) projects online you can look for (example openEMR)

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Thanks for a prompt reply .. I am an oncologist and I wanted to maintain the data of my patients. At least 4-5 people could enter data and it would be nice send to upload data of around 50 patients.The reason I wish to use R shiny apps so that it is easily analysable whenever it is required.

I'm not sure what country you are in but be sure that this would meet your country's laws for data security of health information. I agree with looking at an existing EMR and then maybe using an API within R to do the analysis.

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