Shiny app optimization and CSS/JS from dependencies

I have a simple shiny app that I've been developing to display environmental time series data from a research site I work at. It works as expected, but I'd really like the dygraph figure to display more quickly when the user loads the page.

The app loads very quickly when hosted on my personal server or locally, but is relatively slow on the server linked above. I have maxed out the memory allocation for the app on the server (15 GB), so I don't think that's the root of the problem. The main performance issue I'm returned with after applying the Lighthouse tool for Google Chrome is "Eliminate render-blocking resources", which appear to all be CSS files associated with the various Shiny dependencies I've used in the app.

It seems like removing those dependencies would solve the speed problem, but I'd rather not do that if possible. I have profiled the app locally using profvis and there don't seem to be any significant bottlenecks, but I'm guessing the app will behave differently on the server and that I should profile the app there. Does anyone have any resources or suggestions? Thank you!

Code available here

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