Shiny App. URL "Can't reach this page" issue and slowness of shiny app.

Server details :-
CPU : 8 core, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-4669 v4 @ 2.20GHz
RAM : 64 GB
Ram used : 8.1 GB

Shiny server open source version :
R version : 3.4.3

We have checked from the server side and shiny server application side and everything is working fine. The server is up & running and shiny server is up & running normally.
When we checked one of the Shiny server application “RepX” and we have observed that the CPU utilization of this Shiny Application app. “RepX” is varying form 0-100% and it’s not constant and at sometimes hovering around 70—100% CPU utilization.

Shiny App Name : RepX
App Users : 180
Concurrent users(observed) : 20
Volume of Data : 40 MB
Reserved RAM utilized by App : 600 MB
Virtual RAM utilization of App. : 4.3 GB

The issue which we have faced is that sometimes ‘Can’t reach this page’. When a user hits the URL, it’s going on and off and throwing the error message. Again next moment it’s up and running. This scenario occurred several times throughout the day. But when we checked from the server and shiny server application side everything is up and running normal.

The other issue is application response time is going very slow at times. In normal case its 8-10 sec but in one day in few of the instances it extended to 15 mins./16 mins /60 mins.
The normal working of the application here is reading the datasets from the local files stored in the server itself where we observed this slowness.

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