Shiny Contest Submission: A ShinyApp to visualize soil profiles


A Shiny App to provides the graphical representation of soil horizons, in the simplest case the color. The app offers a graphical user interface for the package soilprofile2. The focus is on morphological properties such as horizon transitions, texture, structure, root density, and rock content. Soil-forming processes can also be represented with uniform symbols for example different hydromorphic soils characteristics. Interactive layers can be added. The profile can be individually designed by adjusting several parameters. Some designations are based on the German soil mapping instructions. The App was written as part of my master thesis at the Chair of Soil Ecology of the University of Freiburg.



Morphological data collected in the field, such as horizon boundaries, root frequency, and dimensions, skeleton shape, frequency and dimension as well as meaningful soil colors, can be visualized by using different layers. To create and calculate the geometries the Simple Feature Access is used which is integrated into the package [sf]. For the smoothing of geometries, the "Kernel smoothing" algorithm from the [Smoothr] package is used. To convert the colors (from Munsell to rgb) the function from the package [aqp] is applied.

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