Shiny contest submission: CRAN Explorer


An app to explore the references between CRAN packages.

RStudio Cloud Project:
GIT repo:

The goal of this app is to demonstrate the development of a complete data service entirely written in the statistical programming language R. Besides this web application, the project includes the creation of a data refresh process (also written in R) that runs inside an AWS Docker container on a daily schedule. Additionally, efforts were made to develop this project in a reproducible way by controlling the operating environmentand the used R version (through Docker containers), a complete list of all required R packages and their specific versions (through packrat) with the intention to promote collaborative development and to reduce the friction of the setup process of R projects in heterogeneous development environments.



Cool app! Nice work :slight_smile:

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This is a really cool app! Can't wait to look at your code and LEARN

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Hi Stefan,

Nice app and very relevant to stuff I am doing for the past year with my team!

You may be interested in my cranly R package and the vignettes therein. The networks you produce are a subset of what I have termed "package directive networks" in cranly's terminology.

We'll soon have an interface and a paper on cranly, so I naturally look forward to studying what you've done here!

-Ioannis Kosmidis

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Nice app, looks really cool. Can't believe this was made using Shiny.

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This is amazing! I noticed you used Shiny Modules to organize your code which make it easier to understand! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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@ikosmidis, your package is wonderful! I will definitely use it!

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Hi Ioannis,
Thank you for your kind words. It is always nice to get some positive feedback. :slight_smile:

Indeed, cranly seems very relevant to my app. Thank you for pointing me in this direction. I think the networks are a good way to browse the landscape of packages and to discover other popular libraries. I am thinking about adding more features to the network graph, e.g. colorising nodes by publication time to better spot new packages that are interesting for a particular use case scenario. I will check out cranly for additional inspiration as well.




Thank you @Jiena! Yes, Shiny modules really help to partition the code into small chunks that are easier to digest and reasoned about.

Just checking out your Shiny apps. They look very nice as well! Will study your work on interactive D3. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for this. It is like a textbook of how to organise your shiny code. I will definitely archive this for learning.


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A really nice looking app! Amazing what can be done in R/RShiny.

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Hi Stefan,

Great! Indeed: networks are great for mapping packages, which was actually what motivated me putting cranly together in the first place.

Happy to chat on cranly or anything related to those networks.

All the best

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Nice one, a convenient way to explore R

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Thank you everyone for your kind support!

I added a README to the github repo to get the project running inside a Docker container. If anyone has some feedback on how easy/hard/impossible it was to set up locally, I would be keen to learn about it.

Thanks and good luck to everyone for the competition!



Very cool app, the integration with docker is very sophisticated!!



This is incredible work. I can't wait to dig through your repo and learn from this! Thanks for sharing!

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