Shiny Contest Submission: Machine learning platform



Use more than 12 algorithms of machine learning on your own dataset
Train and predict event for binary / multi classification

With this web application, you can do the folowing task

  • Upload your own dataset:grinning:
  • Check data structure & data quality:grinning:![c1|690x354]
  • Process your data, full automatic:
  • Make some dataviz
  • Post processing data to select train / test / valid dataset for modelisation
  • Apply more than 12 alogithms: of Machine learning

I use R and R shiny code to built this web app and the next packages:

  • Shiny: shiny,shinydashboard,shinyWidgets,DT
  • Dataviz: ggplot2, corrplot, plotly, plotROC, dygraphs, rpart.plot
  • Data management: data.table, dummies, xts
  • ML: rpart, randomforest, xgboost, earth, nnet, glmnet, e1071, MASS, class
  • Production: rsconnect

Link for application:




You might want to add the links to your shiny app and the rstudio cloud project.

From the announcement:

To participate in this contest, please follow the link to create a new post in RStudio Community (you will be asked to sign up if you don’t have an account). The post title should start with “Shiny contest submission:“, followed by a short title to describe your application (e.g., “a Shiny app for mapping electric scooters in LA”). The post may describe features and highlights of the application, include screenshots and links to live examples and source repositories, and briefly explain key technical details (how the customization or extension was achieved).

In addition, the post should include

  • link to an RStudio Cloud project with everything required to run your app (scripts, data, images, css, etc.), and
  • link to the deployed app on


The RStudio Project is not accessible by others. Please follow the instructions given here:


It s ok, all is accessible.