Shiny Contest Submission: sdc App - GUI for Microdata Disclosure control



This graphical user interface of sdcMicro allows you to anonymize microdata even if you are not an expert in the R programming language. Detailed information on how to use this graphical user-interface (GUI) can be found in a tutorial (a so-called vignette) that is included in the sdcMicro package. The vignette is available on GitHub pages and via the CRAN website. The vignette can also be viewed offline by typing vignette("sdcMicro", package="sdcMicro") into your R prompt.

Main author of the app is Bernhard Meindl with contributions from
Alexander Kowarik, Gregor De Cillia and Matthias Templ <>.

The app is deployed with the CRAN R package sdcMicro, therefore it is really easy to start and use. Just type library(sdcMicro);sdcApp();
or use this Rstudio Cloud project:
Start Script on Rstudio Cloud
The app is also hosted on sdcMicro GUI.

A small walkthrough in screenshots:

Import data:

Explore and view data:

Convert variables:

Recode variables:

Define the setup of your SDC problem:

Anonymize, e.g. with local supression to achieve k-Anonymity:

Risk estimation:

Full reproducibility:

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