Shiny Contest Submission: Statistical Apps for Medical Research.

BasicStat: Statistical Apps for Medical Research

After uploading your own data, you can get Table 1, Regression results(linear, logistic, cox) and Basic/kaplan meier plots for medical research.

shinyapps: or
Rstudio cloud:

If file size > 5 MB, you can use Rstudio Addins in jsmodule R package.

There are another apps for medical research

  1. Repeated measure data analysis:
  • After repeated variable setting, you can run GEE and marginal survival analysis.

  1. Survey data analysis:
  • After survey parameter setting, you can get Table 1, svyglm(linear, logistic) and svycox(svyplot for kaplan-meier analysis) results.

  1. Propensity Score Analysis:
  • After setting some parameters for propensity score calculation, you can get Table 1, survival analysis results for original/PS matched/IPTW weighted data.


Looking good! Could you make the RStudio Cloud project public? :slight_smile:

Now, I change my to public.


Looking good @jinseob2kim!

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I update my shinyapps that you can choose subset data before analysis.

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