ShinyApp not working anymore

A shinyapp initially created in 2015 used to work well:
This year the boxplots and scatterplots are not showing up (they are using plotly).

When I download the tar bundle from and try to edit the server code in RStudio, then the app no longer does the basic querying from my SQL database. I get an Error object 'Value' not found under the 'Data Table' heading on the app as well as this error in my RStudio Warning Error in Expecting a single string value: [type=character; extent=0].

Here is how it looks when I upload the app on a shiny server: attached image

Notice how there is an error under data table for this one, in contrast to the original where there is no error, even though there is no change in code.

I didn't update the code on the original site as I am worried it will override and the error will show there too. I am hoping some one can take a look at my code and tell me where it is going wrong as it used to work before and not anymore. Or if someone can open it and see if they are experiencing the same issue as me.

The plots are, actually, there, just really small:

For the application you edited, try looking at its logs, that should provide a clue as to what is going wrong.

What happens when you run the code locally?