and SQLite as persistent local data storage

Hello folks! I'm working on a shinyapp which stores data input from users in a SQLite database and that data needs to be shared across instances of that app running over the shinyapps-io service. According to the article Persistent data storage in Shiny apps "SQLite is already installed on the shinyapps server, which will be a handy feature in future versions of, which will include persistent local storage". I'd like to know if that feature, persistent local storage for SQLite, has already been implemented in shinyapps-io server and if not, what would be a timeframe for it. Also has anyone run into the same issue and unveiled any system workaround solution which does not include hosting and managing your own Shiny Server? Thanks!


Persistent local storage is not yet implemented. We know it will be a valuable feature for our customers, but we we do not have a timeframe to share at this time.

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Hi, Josh! Tks for the prompt reply, although not so good perspectives about the availability of persistent data feature for SQLite with shinyappsio. A couple of questions: 1) Is there any place we can formally request (or vote for) this new feature to RStudio/Shiny development team? 2) Are you (the RStudio/Shiny team) aware of any workaround as a temporary solution for this request? Kind Regards!

There is no place to "formally" request/vote for the feature.

If you need to share data between instances, you will need either a database or Dropbox or similar, or look into self-hosting SSP or Connect.

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