Should I be able to install binary packages on fedora

I was trying to install rstudio binary packages following but it does not seem to work.

I started R —vanilla and added the rhel 8 repo

options(repos = c(REPO_NAME = ""))

then removed data.table and tried to install again install.packages(“data.table”) but it still installed from sources.
Did I do something wrong? should it work for fedora 32 ?

Many thanks

PS: because binary installs are not done using is package manager I assume I can still install in my local library as my user ?

Hi @statquant_2,

Try renaming the repo to CRAN? You can also double check that your repos have been set correctly by double-checking options('repos').

What is the output of:

options(repos = c(CRAN = ""))

thank you @alexkgold
I solved the issue I had to setup the HTTPAgent. It was actually in the docs so that’s on me.
Thanks for your help

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