"Show in new window" opens "invisible" windows (in an inexistent monitor?)

When Rstudio main window is moved to the second monitor, the button "Show in new window" (from the Viewer or the Help files/Plots) opens the new window in an inexistent monitor and hence the new window is not visible. The new window does appear on the taskbar and if I right-click on its button and hit "Maximize" the window appears on the main monitor.

When the window finally appears on the main monitor, I can notice a blur effect like when dragging a window from one monitor to the other. In particular the effect is like the window was opened in a monitor to the right of my main monitor (which is an inexistent monitor).

If I keep the main Rstudio window on the main monitor, the problem disappears. This is, all new windows are opened and visible on the main monitor.
I did not have this problem in previous version of Rstudio.

I am working on a local computer (not remote desktop)

Rstudio 1.2.5033 (I recently reinstalled it)
Windows 10 Enterprise 10.0.16299
HP ProBook 440 G5
nVIDIA gEfORCE 930mx

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