Show URL's to Pages in Shiny App


I have a public application with ~ 100 dashboard pages, each with some instructional content for machine learning. I would like to define links to individual pages so they are accessible outside of this COURSE application.

I am using shiny dashboardPagePlus where each instructional page is in a tabPanel. For example, I have a page for Cross-Validation:

tabPanel("Cross_Validation", create_fluid_row('Slide93.png')),


create_fluid_row <- function(img_source) {
box(width = 12,
column(width = 12, align = "center",
img(src = img_source, height = "800px")

How can I get the tabPanel name of "Cross_Validation" into the URL so a user just needs this link to access the page: This is the link I'd like to see in the URL window, right now navigating through the COURSE application persists in the URL window without any specifics to the specific page in the application.

thanks for your ideas.

I dont think you can do this in a vanilla shiny app, shiny is a single page app paradigm as far as I can tell.
You may be able to get someway towards your ideal with the bookmarking features; see
but I doubt this will do it for you, just googling around it seems there are other things you can try (that I have no independent experience of) see link_2

great resources, thanks

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