signing in to azure devops git repos

Azure devops repos are git repos, however when creating a new project sign in always returns

"Cloning into 'project'...
fatal: Authentication failed for '".

Notice there is no invalid password. I can login to the azure devops repos from the RStudio gui and terminal commandline. I have checked that there is no permission or security issue on the azure devops side.

Also, I would second the topic regarding the project continuing to create blank. And, there was a topic about login with 3rd party like google, which works fine as suggested when logging into and, but it would be nice if the windows identity dialog box appeared for git authentication as in RStudio.

Hi @whmclellan,

Welcome and thanks for your post. I have some questions in order to answer your question(s):

Do you have a minimal example project/repo that demonstrates this? It'd be easier for us to see what's going on if you can create one and link it here, or add steps on how to reproduce this.

I'm not sure I know exactly which topic this is. Can you link to it here? (Given this description I can think of a couple of different things, which may have different resolutions.)

I'm also not sure exactly which topic this is. Can you link it and/or elaborate a bit on what you're asking for? If there's a place in Cloud where you're expecting to see a dialog, a screenshot of that context might be helpful.


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