Social Sharing buttons aren't working on blogdown



I creat my own website using rblogdown and Hugo themes. To be more specific, I am using academic theme. The social buttons of specific projects, or posts, or publications isn't worki very well. Facebook is broken at all. The other ones (like twitter) redirect the user for social media page, but the shared link is not attached. I noticed that others user gave the same problem.

This is my webpage:
Even the websistes that appers in the academic theme documentation have the same problem.

For exemplo:

This is the github link from my website:

Can anyone help me?


Hi Saulo,

I'm not certain this is the problem, but I notice all your content has TOML instead of YAML. Trying running this:

hugo_convert(to = "YAML", unsafe = TRUE)

Then serve your site again and see if that fixes it.