South Station Noise Monitoring - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission

South Station Noise Monitoring

Authors: Stephen Howe
Working with Shiny for 1+ years

Abstract: This dashboard was created to monitor the noise resulting from the South Station Air Rights construction project. It is anticipated that noise levels will exceed the legal limits set by the City of Boston. This dashboard displays measurements of noise levels (dB) taken directly across Atlantic Avenue from the construction site.

Full Description: For anyone familiar with real estate development in Boston, Massachusetts, you surely know about the (20-years-in-the-planning) construction project to build massive towers on top of the South Station train and bus terminals. The Houston-based developer is planning months of nighttime construction among other big disruptions to the area. As someone who has my home right next to South Station, I and my neighbors are concerned about the impact of nighttime construction noise on our health and lives.

This dashboard displays noise readings taken directly across the street from the construction site in order to monitor the noise impact of the project on my building. The dashboard features two main pages. The first page displays the most recent nighttime reading (11PM - 6AM) and statistical comparisons of this reading to a baseline. A second set of graphs is provided so that the user of the dashboard can display the sound readings (and comparative statistics) for a selected date. The second page of the dashboard provides the same set of plots for daytime readings (8AM - 5PM).

Category: Other
Keywords: environmental noise, noise monitoring, citizen science, construction noise, noise ordinances, sound monitoring
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